Brand Beliefs

Taiwan Realty Enterprise Group, with most advance technology, global vision, passionate sponsor of the 2010 Shanghai World Expo Taiwan Pavilion with the theme song "Taiwan's heartbeat", this is the second World Expo in Osaka, 1970, Japan. After nearly 40 years, Taiwan, for the first time was back to the world stage that made so many Taiwanese moved and touched deeply. We let the world see Taiwan, and hear Taiwan's heartbeat!

Today, after 40 years and more, Taiwan Realty Enterprise Group, by using Taiwan, its national name to show the world to see Taiwan's beliefs. Continuing to complete establishing overseas’ branches including the latest, in Japan and all over the globe. To serve every customers in overseas, and to ensure overseas’ real estate investments’ safety and profitability, and that’s the beliefs of Taiwan.

As the world’s Internet is being fast developed, the advent of the era of global economic liberalization, Taiwan Realty Enterprise Group is fully aware of the importance in asset allocation which also reflects the needs of the people buying overseas’ properties. By having the service spirit of "where the customers go, where Taiwan Realty shall go”, Taiwan Realty Enterprise Group actively pursues the internationalization of worldwide distribution, so that Taiwan Realty is walking out, opening the door to the world, and lead our customers to see the great opportunities in global real estates’ investments!

And now, Taiwan Realty Enterprise Group has overseas branches in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Los Angeles, USA, Vancouver, Canada, and Tokyo, Japan.  Not just only by crossing-borders, we even have completed more distance by crossing transcontinental overseas, Taiwan Realty Enterprise Group has also proven as an international head in real estate world-class brands.

Every colleagues of Taiwan Realty Enterprise Group are using their powers to prove one thing; that is the people of Taiwan, having the virtues of their endeavors, persistence, and perseverance. Such natures of Taiwanese have given the people of Taiwan to give themselves powers, toughness, persistence, seriousness in time of hardships; and by having the mindsets of never giving up and always do their best to provide the best service to everyone, “Taiwan”, shall let all the people around the globe know our natures of integrity and it is glowing to the world as the moment we are speaking now.

The core value and mission in establishingTaiwan Overseas Property is to provide an overall professional real estate agency worldwide. While finding different directions in its industry, we also search meticulously for profitability to our customers’ wealth. A reliable and responsible house hold real estate name brand, just like your own family members, we shall provide all the best opportunities in overseas properties investments to all the Taiwanese, locally and abroad.

Taiwan Realty Enterprise Group shall continue to develop more international locations, to seek more appropriate investment targets and provide excellent development experiences for the customers’ financial need, to provide tailor-made services to real estate investment potential of the right regions, any time of the world. Everyone can find the most trustworthy, Taiwan’s #1 real estate company, Taiwan Realty Enterprise Group!

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